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How are classrooms managed in such a way to develop citizens who have all the knowledge and skills to be productive members of society while developing a system to individualize learning for each and every student so they reach their fullest potential?

Considerable discussion and energy is being committed to development of a customized learning system for Farmington students, a plan that is centered squarely on improving achievement levels and success in school and society for each student.

The use of mobile technology in the form of an iPad is a key resource in the realization of the district’s mission to customize learning and the Board of Education is in the process of authorizing a plan to provide iPad learning devices for all district students.

This web portal serves as a central point of information for district residents interested in learning more about what is being considered.

The Goal: An iPad for All Students
Phased Rollout Approach
A Strategic Plan and School Board Goal
Customized Student Learning Plan

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