Your high school athletic department's official home online

Update schedules, scores, and social media with the push of a button. SportsHub, built on an ADA-compliant website template, helps you create an engaged community around every team in your department. Do one thing, and VNN SportsHub technology ensures parents, athletes, and fans see it where they expect it.

The customized site design includes pages for all your teams, schedule syncing, paperless form management, middle-school integration, user roles, and social media sync with Facebook and Twitter.


create articles, post photo galleries, upload game highlights, build forms and make event details, directions, registration information, scores and schedules available where parents expect it.

  • 24/7/365 online resource for parents
  • Every sport/team, every season, on any device
  • ADA Compliant Design; Accessible for everyone
  • Control your school's athletic brand

Features included

Schedules, Rosters, & Scores update from Activity Scheduler automatically.

Bring your Athletic Programs to Life
Your school, your logos, your colors. VNN's SportsHub website comes standard with a collegiate-style template, custom branding, and backgrounds that you can use to present a unified, consistent identity for your athletics programs to your community.

Every sport, every team, every season, on any device
Ensure all your athletes get the promotion they deserve. SportsHub helps you rally your community with a simple, easy-to-navigate menu that includes all your teams. User roles give your coaches a chance to join the action too, whether Varsity, JV, freshmen, 9th grade, or middle school.

Accessible for Everyone
VNN's HS athletics website creates 24/7/365 access for your community to the information they want, and creates less phone calls for you. The ADA-compliant design ensures that every member of your community can follow along with the action, and additional functionality allows athletic directors to include 6th, 7th, and 8th grade sports.

Control your School's Content
The buck stops with you. With VNN Sports Hub, you can access, monitor, and control what's said on behalf of your school's athletic programs from one place. User permissions allow you to limit or expand the authority others have on your site.